hmv Decades

Welcome to the Sixties!

Peace and love to you groovy movie people, and welcome as we swing merrily through the Sixties, a decade of change that saw the decline of formality and the rise of a raging counterculture with fierce opinions on everything from sex, drugs and music to war, peace and race.

It was the decade of the Beatles. The decade we made it to the moon. A decade rocked by the assassinations of JFK and Martin Luther King, Jr. It was the Sixties, man, a decade impeccably reflected by the movies it produced.

Welcome to the Seventies!

Ciao cinema chums, and come join us as we blast off for the sophisticated Seventies.

It was a decade of disco and drug abuse. Of Vietnam and Watergate. People didn’t wash much, or cut their hair very often, but they were happy, because of Star Wars. It was the Seventies and they were awesome, particularly the movies, which were more stylish and complex than ever before.

Welcome to the Eighties!

Yippee ki-yay movie lovers and welcome as we set sail for the epic Eighties.

It was the decade that saw the Cold War thaw. The decade of home computers and Live Aid. Of Reagan and electro pop. It was a decade that most folks didn’t enjoy at the time, but now look back on with great fondness. It was the Eighties, but really the only good thing about it were its movies.

Welcome to the Nineties!

Greetings movie maniacs and welcome as we eagerly explore the Naughtyish Nineties!

It was a decade that saw the Cold War thaw, the Internet soar and chemically altered ravers dance themselves raw. Though we’re reasonably certain other stuff happened too, to be honest, we were too busy watching movies to notice.

Welcome to the Noughties!

Howdy film fans and welcome to the Noughties, a.k.a. the Aughts, the Oughties or the Two-Thousands. Basically, and probably less confusingly, the decade that ran from 2000 to 2009.

In the past, Stanley Kubrick had us believe these years marked the beginning of the future. Yet between the War on Terror and the toughest economic crisis since the Great Depression, for the most part the Noughties were depressingly contemporary. At least we had the movies to cheer us up.