For the Love of… Chewbacca

by Marshall Julius

1st December 2017

Sometimes I amaze even myself.
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For the Love of… Chewbacca

Han Solo’s towering, hairy, 200 year-old Wookiee partner hails from the planet Kashyyyk, where he lives with his family, including young son Lumpy. His hobbies include roaring, shrugging, defying the Empire and smuggling goods for disreputable Hutts.

Though of a gentle, good-natured disposition, loyal Chewie is both a bad sport and quick to growl at strangers. Though handy with a bowcaster and a capable co-pilot and engineer, he remains, essentially, a great, big dog.

Here we pay tribute to those who’ve paid tribute to Star Wars’ beloved, big walking carpet.

Chewbacca Riding a Squirrel Fighting Nazis

Chewbacca Cosplay
Chewbacca as a dog
Chewbacca cosplay
Mr Potato Head Chewbacca
Chewbacca Cake
Chewbacca Sofa
Wookiee Cookie
Flemish Chewbacca
One boy and his Chewy
Chewbacca ring
Reversible Chewie Jacket
Chewbacca Cat
Chewbacca mural
My Little Chewie
Where's Wookiee
Chewie Noodles
Pop Art Chewie

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